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SP Education Print AppSingapore Asia Publishers (SAP) and Hewlett-Packard (HP) Singapore are proud to present the revolutionary free application SAP Education Print App that comes with the purchase of all HP Print Apps enabled printers. The key objective of this app is to provide an additional avenue for parents to leverage on free education for their children.

SAP Education Print App - WorksheetsThe SAP Education Print App is identifiable by our distinctive SAP icon and installable by following a few simple setup instructions provided by HP. With this app, parents can now gain access to over 4000 worksheets and mock exam papers encompassing core primary school subjects like English, Mathematics and Science.

Our high-quality worksheets, available for levels P1 to P6, are specially extracted and modified from SAP’s own vast resource of premium assessment publications that have proven to be market best-sellers over the past 35 years. Each worksheet comprises bite-sized lessons that we believe are more ‘ingestible’ compared to huge chunks of heavy information.

Parents accessing the app have free reign over the frequency of delivery to their home printer. By customizing the settings at, they can choose to have their worksheets delivered (i.e. printed out) either on a daily (Monday through Thursday) or weekly (Friday, all at once) basis. Moreover, they can also select specific subjects to be delivered on certain days. It is not just free, but also hassle-free.

Example of a daily delivery
Daily Worksheets - MondayDaily Worksheets - TuesdayDaily Worksheets - WednesdayDaily Worksheets - Thursday

SAP and HP fully understand the pivotal role primary education plays as a firm foundation of all future learning. With the new SAP Education Print App, children can receive outside-of-classroom practice that not only complements what they have learned in schools but also reinforce their concepts and understanding to better prepare them for class tests and school examinations.

Assessment also becomes easier and much more convenient as our worksheets include notes and examples as well as answers and full worked solutions wherever necessary. This reduces parental supervision and raises both the independence and confidence levels of our young learners.

We are confident that this innovative app will be an invaluable asset in our discerning parents’ common strive to help their children achieve academic excellence.


Why does the delivery of the worksheets have to be scheduled?
This is so that busy parents need not constantly monitor the timing and frequency while their children still get to receive daily and/or weekly practice, thereby preventing any lapse in the momentum of learning.

What happens if I miss out on a day or two of print-outs?
Missing daily (or even weekly) worksheets will not be replaced; to prevent any omission of print-outs, parents are advised to keep their printers on and connected to the Internet at all times.

Is the content found in the worksheets in tandem with the current school curriculum?
The content in our worksheets are arranged to follow the current school curriculum as close as possible so as to ensure relevance. Different schools, however, may adopt different paces of delivery and certain topics may be taught before or after others.

Where can I get more materials related to the content presented in the worksheets?
All our worksheets come with identification labels at the bottom of each page. These footers bear the titles of the actual books that we have extracted the materials from. To get a 'full gist' of the content, you may wish to purchase a copy of the book available at all major bookstores or visit our website for more information.


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